every little treehouse garment has a tale to tell…

Our clothing was created for adventurers, travellers and explorers—children who live life with a spirit of wonder.

Inspired by the storytelling flags of the Fante people of West Africa, and ethically and sustainably produced in Nairobi, Kenya, Little Treehouse designs feature characters from folk traditions around the world.

We begin our journey in Africa and will add stories from other places over time.

Read the stories here.

having fun. inspiring curiosity.

Little Treehouse creates clothing with meaning.

Through the stories we tell, we invite kids to discover the rich cultural traditions of our diverse planet.

Together we help nurture young citizens of the world.

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the stories

In the tradition of the story flags, each garment features characters from an African folk tale, stitched in applique in vibrant colors, often in unusual combinations.

Our clothing is simple, comfy, sturdy, and easy to wear. Your children will move with freedom, run, tumble, get down on their knees, or simply curl up and dream.

The initial line includes sizes for children aged 2-6 years.



Our garment manufacturer is Kiboko (Swahili for Hippo), in Nairobi, Kenya. Kiboko is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. We are proud to be partnering with a factory which is committed to creating jobs for African people in safe working conditions and at fair wages.


Our clothing will be made from African cotton, sustainably grown in partnership with the Cotton Made in Africa project, which helps farmers to minimize the use of pesticides, rely on natural rainfall and produce food crops alongside their cotton.


Little Treehouse believes in giving back. We are excited to team up with our community of customers to help improve the lives of African women and children.

When you purchase a garment, we will make a contribution to your choice of our partner organizations.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. —Nelson Mandela”

The LITTLE TREEHOUSE WORLD SCHOLARSHIP FUND will sponsor children in Kenya to attend Bridge International Academies, an organization which provides high-quality primary and pre-primary schooling.

“A daughter who was left £2,000 by her dying father and a note which said ‘o something good’ has used the money to set up a charity which has helped 10,000 African entrepreneurs. — Daily Mail (UK)”

Deki is a microfinance non-profit that enables African women to start businesses through small loans.


A former Director of Sales & Marketing for the BBC, Rachael Williams simply wanted to start a family when she adopted the first of her three daughters in 2004. But motivated by her frustration in finding stimulating play opportunities for her kids, she soon found herself starting a business: The Little Treehouse Play Café. That business in turn became the inspiration for Little Treehouse Africa, an enterprise in which Rachael’s creative talents, business instincts, and social consciousness have found a home.

Thank you so very much for your interest in this exciting and worthwhile venture. We will be launching Little Treehouse Africa via a Kickstarter Campaign, which will go live on October 1st.

We also will let you know when our complete website is up and running. It will feature more details about the individual clothing styles, including a photo and video fashion shoot on location in Africa.

We’re launching soon on Kickstarter

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